My oil painting technique is unique in that I meticulously work the canvas, building layer upon layer of hand mixed oils and varnishes, achieving an astonishing degree of luminosity and intriguing brilliance.

The novel use of stencils to impart detailed information, such as numeric patterns and text, lends a coldly mechanical feeling to my works while providing the vehicle for many of the metaphors that are present within each painting. The use of these stencils allows for an unusual control of the medium since the canvas can be impregnated with elaborate bits of information, an allegory to today’s information overflow. Once the oil paint is pushed through the mesh of the silkscreen, it is then scraped, blended, blurred and further manipulated to achieve the desired effect.

The line between printmaking and fine painting is blurred as each layer is built upon the next. The product is a richly luminous surreal painting that evokes both contemplative thoughts and strong emotional responses.









Closed Set of One