I have been working with the encaustic material for a few years now. I have been drawn to the astonishingly organic texture and surface of the medium as well as its’ sculptural quality.

In the encaustic work I have embedded many references to scientific formulas, human chromosomal DNA, and mathematics, which function as metaphoric as well as aesthetic elements. These elements refer to contemporary beliefs and perceptions of empirical “truths”* (*Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem). The binary elements of 0 & 1 represent our perceived choices. Prime knots are mathematical metaphors that remind us of the threads of life, the transcendental number “e” 2.7... is a number associated with many elements in nature and population growth.

In the Vinyl and Letters series, I have utilized the harsh black vinyl letters and numbers to not only break apart and shape the beautifully creamy wax space but to inform the work with the notion of the absurdity that there is such a thing as absolute truth represented by the written word. The words that define society, self-identity, and physical laws are broken apart and used as chaotic textual “wrapping” in order to reveal their vulnerability to misrepresentation.



Math Panels

Vinyl Letters and Wax