Solo Exhibit "Rods and Cones" at the Kim Foster Gallery in NYC (May 24-June30)

Rods and ConesRods and Cones       Static boy

Newly published intereactive eBook for the iPad, avaiable for free download.

Box Of Crayons book

Christian Faur's crayon art exemplifies a unique and exciting new technique. Instead of utilizing traditional medium such as oil paint, pastels, or watercolors, Faur turns to a material from our childhood: the crayon. Faur works with this familiar object in a novel way. Using crayons like pixels, he arranges thousands upon thousands of colorful handmade crayons into beautiful and elaborate works of art that allude to aspects of Pointillism and digital photography. This eBook showcases Christian Faur's newest work in a nontraditional way that allows the reader to enjoy both the sculptural and pictorial aspects of the work. The reader can interact with the many photographs in the book in a way that mimics the gallery experience more closely than traditional print media could. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Other works:

$199 Flag TitlePainting Constitution
(left) American flag made of U.S. currency stained with black tea
(middle) 2000 individual crayons stacked to produce photographic work "The Land Surveryors"
(right) Image of U.S. guard tower at Guantanamo Bay, made from 12,000 strips of shredded paper rendered entirley from the text of U.S. Constitution.

" I think that painting is very much like solving a complicated mathematical problem, where each step logically and necessarily follows from the previous step, finally arriving at a solution. Ideally, an elegant one."